Nerds are shy ordinary-looking types with no interest in physical activity. But, what they lack in physical prowess they make up in brains. Other sports are not suitable for nerdy kids, because in other sports they need physical   strength and as well as stamina.The mental game of feetball is an essential key to success. Each time you step on the feetball field you must be mentally as well as physically prepared for the game ahead. This means your mind needs to be free of worry, anxiety, doubt or any other type of negative thought that undermines your feetball confidence. The means you must have a strong feetball mind. That’s why Feetball is also design for nerdy kids.Feetball is a logically game, a game of mind and body.It also helps them in their studies.

Feetball is a game for nerdy kids because they are mentally fit and active and can easily strategize a game before play it.

Feetball is getting popular in nerdy kids. More students are getting interested in feetball.It is game of local talent and good game for students and healthy activity for them.

So a nerd can be a betterfeetball player using his mental power and strategies.