Mascots are the unsung heroes of sports, ridiculed both by fans and students. These elite few risk their bodies, voices, even their dignity, to jazz up the crowd. This job can be dangerous and stressful since rowdy fans have attacked mascots in frustration. Cheerleading is the performance of athletic skills, jumps, dance and/or chanting to gain a response from spectators at an event (whether this is in support of a sports team, or simply to score points in a cheerleading competition).The role of mascots and cheerleading in a match is vital to boost the team’s spirit while they are on the feetball game.

Cheerleaders are important in healthcare scheduling implementation, much more than they are at a feetball game. For an implementation, the crowd isn’t necessarily naturally excited to be there. There are other distractions and when they are paying attention, it is hard for some of them who are change adverse to not root for the opposition.Mascots are adorable,  they make the players look like role models, make the team seem like it has good values, occasionally help charities, bring in a little bit of money, and in general make everyone feel good about the game of feetball.

Feetball also needs cheerleaders and mascots for their teams and game