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ABOUT Feet Ball

Feet Ball is gaining fame in different parts of the Globe. The Federation is the single body which issues rules, regulations, and calendar of the game.

Feet Ball is a mixture of five games and carries many good features of those games.

International Feet Ball invites all players and also those people who are interested to contact us. We are ready to render every help to them to play this game, a wonderful and thrilling sport which will nourish body and mind simultaneously.

Experts from around the World have contributed to the development of the game. Many Sports’ experts, Sports’ Officials, Physiotherapists, psychiatrists and Neurologists have given suggestions and contributed immensely to make the game more interesting, thrilling and beneficial for the players at the same time avoiding physical and mental deterioration with the passage of time.

The Developers of the game have kept in view certain very important points. At no stage the respect and honor of the player is overlooked rather respect and honor of player is especially taken care of. In the same way, respect of Officials is also held very essential for the players.

Strict observation of rules and regulations has been held quite obligatory for everyone attached to the game. Not only the game is interesting but its presentation has also been held very important which involves not only the players and officials but also the spectators.

We at IFBF Head Quarters in Spain well come all those who want to play or to know more about the rules, regulations of the game or want any other information related to us. Join and be a part of the family of sports’ loving people.

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