Men feetball worldcup coming soon

So, when and where will it take place? What are the game times? Who qualified for the World Cup in feetball? What is the location of a schedule? Who are the biggest stars to keep an eye on?
All in good times guys. Stay tuned

Children feetball league coming soon

Every child has the right to play, hence the ifbf is launching a children’s feetball league.

Women's Feetball League coming soon

Discrimination persists at all levels of the game.
Women make up only 7% of all coaches worldwide. The number is higher in Canada, the 2015 Women’s World Cup hosts, but women are still under-represented, so we are doing our part to eliminate this discrimination.


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Upcoming <br>world cup

world cup

The upcoming feetball worldcup will be held in UAE, a lot of players will compete in the event with diverse skills and geography.
Feetball stands for human rights

Feetball stands for human rights

We work together and make a difference. Feetball is committed to building a world where every child has the chance to play feetba
World Cup <br>Venue

World Cup

The world cup is coming to UAE, and the football movement is global. We have invited the best players all over the world to come to Dubai, play football and share with you their most powerful moves and secrets.
Countries <br>in talk

in talk

Feetball is a simple game, but one that has the potential to be world's most popular sport. No matter where in the world you live, you're sure to find a local feetball game. We are very much in touch with many countries to get them on board to bring this idea to life

Feetball to keep the game raw with no VAR

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